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Clinical experience over twenty-seven years


Clinical experience over twenty-seven years

Providing services as a Psychologist and psychotherapist.
Authorized by the Department of Health and Human Services in Madrid, CS: 12602.

Psychologist with specialization in Children and Adolescents, as well as adults, couples and family.

Psychotherapy option as well in English.

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Psychotherapy and Mental Health

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Child Psychology

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Online Psychology

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Psychotherapy Service


In our office we define psychotherapy as a specific method to understand normal or pathological mental functioning. In this last context, psychotherapy is a tool that allows psychological exploration, evaluation and treatment. The goal is to improve mental health and alleviate emotional distress (anxiety, distress, medical problems, etc). Verbal psychotherapy, or cure by words, is an effective methodology that is already well-founded within the framework of psychology (second cycle studies). In any case, the psychologist will carry out an evaluation that will facilitate access in each case to the most pleasant treatment and intervention.

In the mental health intervention areas we work in the following services:


It includes the exploration & evaluation components that are articulated through interviews in order to reach the treatment section. These stages are necessary to know and appreciate the difficulties in which the patient reaches its destination.

It also allows in each case the most appropriate psychological intervention. This intervention is tailored to each particular case and person.

  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychotherapy: individual and in pairs
  • Advice or counseling
  • Psychological evaluation
Euro Psy

The director of the center is a psychotherapist with EuroPsy accreditation. Specialist European Awarding Committee in Psychotherapy (S-EAC PT), specifically: EuroPsy Specialist in Psychotherapy Certificate.

Psychotherapist with a certificate in Psychotherapy at a European level.

Child Psychology Service

Therapeutic Approach to Children and Teenagers:

  • Child / Youth Psycho diagnosis.
  • Child / Youth / Pre-teen and adolescent Psychotherapy.
  • Orientation to parents and family care in crisis situations.
  • Advice to educators and health professionals.
Psicología Infantil

Child therapy:

We consider that therapy for children is at the same level as that of adults, where importance is given to the environment in which the child develops, who are immediately his parents and the house where he lives. For this reason we consider influential the crises that Families may suffer, such as: job loss, house moving, change of school, death of a relative or someone close, a serious illness, separation from their partner, or the birth of a little brother. For this reason, we especially look at important changes in the child's academic performance.

Concerns or anxieties that you may feel, or difficulties in those normal activities for a child of his age such as attending school, going to sleep, playing happily, etc. We put our psychotherapeutic resources at the service of applicant families to respond to a social demand insufficiently met by the public health and mental health division. For this reason, we offer psychological attention not only to children, but also to adolescents from the therapeutic resources oriented to the understanding and treatment of emotional or psycho-affective problems of these children. For this reason, we especially look at the depressive state, the abuse of drugs or alcohol, intense fears of all kinds such as becoming obese or ugly, low self-esteem, sleeping difficulties, self-destructive behavior, etc.

Online Psychology


Because of this epidemic (Coronavirus disease 2019) that all Europeans have suffered, with alarming effects in emotional overload, excess of stress, imposition of confinement, etc., we offer our expert knowledge promoting the service for remote psychological care (Online Psychology) from our professional experience and specialized training. The psychological intervention in this modality is not only carried out for an immediate intervention (such as due to the great physical and emotional overload of this pandemic), but also for those people whose special needs require this type of intervention, and which we would previously evaluate for each applicant in the initial interviews.

This intervention would be done in a quiet and private space (ordinarily from the psychologist's office), thus safeguarding the confidentiality of this procedure.


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